Resharper and disabling HTML Intellisense for C#

I use a number of custom extensions in Visual Studio that are mapped to the VIsual Studio HTML Editor. These pages are a proprietary format that uses ASP style syntax (ie. <%= %> <% %>). 

For example:

The problem is that Resharper is trying to pop up C# Intellisense tips on these pages which is both visually inappropriate and often obstructs the actual tags which makes it difficult to type at the cursor position. It's very annoying.

I'd like to see one of the following to address this:

ReSharper really shouldn't be doing C# expansions on HTML pages, even if they include aligator tags. These pages are not WebForms pages (they lack the WebForms headers) so there's no reason these pages should use C# Intellisense. 

Alternately is there some way where I can tell Resharper not to treat these pages as code, but behavior just based on the editor (Html Editor). I do want the HTML features of Resharper to work, just not the C# stuff since it doesn't fit. If that's not possible is there a way to exclude extensions from being processed by Resharper.

As it stands at the moment my workaround is to disable Resharper when working on this stuff, then turn it back on which is a pain and removes all the HTML goodness that Resharper provides.


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Hello Rick,

Have you tried to add such files to ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings | Elements to Skip? Then R# won't appear in such files. 



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