Resharper c++ 10.0.2 live templates not working!

Most of the live templates in ReSharper c++ 10.0.2 do not work in VS2015 update 1.

I say most because very few (maybe like 2 or 3 our the default 30) do work. The rest expand the native VS snippet instead of the R++ one.

any clue what's going on?


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Hello Rob,

Sorry, we can't reproduce this yet. Could you please clarify why you think that a native VS snippet gets inserted? Are you sure you invoke the R++ snippet action (ReSharper->Edit->Insert Live Template) and not the VS one (Edit->IntelliSense->Insert Snippet)?


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Hello Igor,

Thank you for the reply.

Manually invoking CTRL+E,L (or ReSharper->Edit->Insert Live Template) is not required in Resharper since it puts them on the top of the intellisense popup window as you start typing their name. However, in R++ it does not.

in fact, the native behavior of VS in c++ works like the one you have in ReSharper. No need to invoke any shortcut to open a live template popup.

here is a short screen-cast I created to demonstrate what I mean. hopefully it helps clarify things.


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Thanks for the screencast - this is indeed an issue in 10.0.2, we'll fix it in the next release. You can follow to get notified when this gets fixed.

Thanks for the report!

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Thank you very much Igor.



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