Prevent insertion of specific "uses" (per file)


is there a way to define for a file that I never want R# to insert specific

For example: I have an importer which acts against 2 EF-Models:

namespace 1: Company.Product.Importer
namespace 2: Company.Product.ModelA
namespace 3: Company.Product.ModelB

inside NS1 I have methods like this:
  public ModelB.Product Import(ModelA.Prdct source) {}

I want to keep it this way (since tomorrow both Models could have
tables/entities with the very same name) but R# often finds something to
import (after having written something new) and then when pressing
Alt-Enter for the action list and not noticing that there already is this
magic-tooltip which captures Alt-Enter for adding namespaces, I have chaos

So can I place some pragma in the file which either says "do not import
Company.Product.ModelA or Company.Product.ModelB at any time" or even
better "fullfil 'Company.Product.ModelA'-NS-request (for obj 'XYZ') with
replacement 'ModelA.XYZ'?


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