Autocompletion copies and spaces last character.

I still have this reoccuring problem with auto-completion (Like braces and
the like).

For example ...

I'll type the following. ( where | represents the cursor )

int[] intArray = new int[|

autocomplete will do the following...

int[] intArray = new int[]|[

or when typing a string ...





also, sometimes auto-step-through doesn't work. What I mean by that is say I
have this ...

if ( OpenFileDialogObject.ShowDialog()|(

if(OpenFileDialogObject.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK|

-- >

if ( OpenFileDialogObject.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)


if(OpenFileDialogObject.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK|) [ Cursor is moved
infront of the closing brace ]

So at this point, striking the ')' key should bypass the closing brace
altogether as such
if ( OpenFileDialogObject.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK ) |
However hitting the brace key adds another brace ...
if ( OpenFileDialogObject.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK ))

This happens quite often. I think it is because I hit the brace key too
soon. The obvious solution I've found is to just wait a few more seconds.
However this either needs to be (A) Fixed so that it can work instantly or
(B) Noted somewhere in the documentation,as it could be by design and not a
flaw. I've no problem with this if it's the way it is supposed to be. But
I've never had it do this to me in most of the earlier builds of ReSharper,
so I assumed it was a bug.

Other than that, the only problem I've had is the 'Off-By-1 Character'
error. But that is a proven bug in Visual Studio ( with Bold fonts )

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