Does not recognizes nested namespace and types in it

I added a porject to an existing solution with other projects and put a reference to new project into the old project.

The code in the new project is in a nested name space

namespace MyGeneration.dOOdads

Resharper colors "MyGeneration" red saying cannot resolve the symbol and also says the same for all the types in the namespace "MyGeneration.dOOdads"

The code compiles fine and runs. There are no errors.

I then made a new solution with only the project that was not being recognised and still resharper does not recognise the types and the namespace is it because of the nesting of the namespace ?

How can I make resharper recognise the new namespace and the types with in it ?

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Hello Ahmed,

Please, see the answer to your post in the

aparently something similar was reported ONE YEAR ago !

Andrey Simanovsky


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