Incorrect selection in type and variable name lists during method creation


I like Resharper very much, but I have found unexpected behavior during
method creation.

I have abstract class. When new method is added, for example:

abstract void NewMethod(int year);

the derived classes are marked as in error, that's correct. When I position
a cursor over the derived class, small lightbulb appears and I select Create
new method. Method is created:

abstract void NewMethod(int year);

and red rectangles allow me confirm or change parameter names and types. Now
for parameter name is 'i' and 'year' in the list and 'i' is selected, what I
think is incorrect. In 1.5 I just pressed ENTER several times and all was
good (= same as in the abstract definition), but in 202 when I press ENTER
several times types and parameter names are different. Can you check for
this or explain why is this behavior correct?

Thanks for all you doing for make programming a pleasure.

Honza Muller

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