Out Of Memory Error

Is anyone besides me having problems with an "Out of Memory" error (see
attached png)?

I am using VS2003 with 213 (downgraded from 214). I am seeing this
error several times each day though I do not know exact steps to
duplicate. In the png you can see there are two error dialogs, when the
first dialog ("Unhandled Exception") shows up I have about a second or
two before the second dialog ("Error submitting exception") shows on my
screen. In most cases the second dialogs appears BEFORE I press the
Submit button. When I dismiss the second dialog the Submit button has
been disabled so I am never able to submit the problem using the built
in reporter.

The biggest problem is that 3-5 seconds after this dialog shows up VS
crashes without allowing me to save unsaved changes. This crash happens
regardless of whether I dismiss the dialogs or not.

Looking at TaskManager when this error appears I can see that devenv.exe
is taking 700+ MB of physical memory and at least that much virtual
memory. At the bottom of the VS window R# is usually showing memory
usage of 300+. When I run VS without R# installed memory usage hovers
between 150 - 200 MB. Please note that I have 2GB of memory on my
machine and it is only about 70% used when this error occurs (AFAICT I
am not really out of memory).

- Nate

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Not sure if it's related, but I just ran into a similar problem. The
regular bug handler dialog popped up and a second later (before I had
done any thing) this dialog popped up on top.


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