[224] Cannot resolve symbol....

I am getting cannot resolve symbol on a 'using' statement:
using Microsoft.AdsWeb.Components.BLL; which resides in a web project.

Microsoft.AdsWeb.Components.BLL is a namespace for a project
that the web project depends on. The whole solution compiled fine.

What am I missing?


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Could You create a small sample solution which illustrates the problem and
send it to us?

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Now using 225 and problem still exists.

When I make changes to a project which the web project depends on, I get this error starting from the 'using' statement and along with all the objects that are in the changed project.

I have to restart VS2005 for this to clear up. It seems R# doesn't reparse some files?


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This also exists in build 226.

You can recreate this by:
1) Create Solution
2) Create a class project.
3) Create some dummy class/classes.
4) Create a web project.
5) Add a reference in the web project to the class project you created.
6) Build all. It should be working fine now.
7) Make a change to the class project, for example, add a property.
8) Suddenly, in the Web project, all your references are messed up.

I'm going to add this to tracker...


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