Best Practices for Successive R# EAP Installs??

My apologies if this has been covered.

Is there a doc from JB on best practices for installing a new R# EAP? It seems some people are having great luck with the latest builds and others not so much. I'm wondering if this related to old version caches, old registry keys, etc... I have read many forum posts from people that say to clear the R# cache and the R# solution caches. Is this necessary? Are there other things that we should be doing with each build or is this all handled automagically by each build? If so, an "official" doc (or even a forum post) from JB on the what, where and why would be helpful.


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I'd be interested in this too. I usually do a search for _Resharper folders and delete those. But I'm still seeing poor performance with the new build. I even tried deleting the *.resharper.user files.


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