WebHandler support is flakey

I agree with most people that build 232 of R# is generally great, but unfortunately I can't say this about WebHandlers. Seems I'm kicking a dead horse with this topic (doesn't anyone else use WebHandlers??), but I do a lot of work with them, and the ReSharper support is very flakey:

  • IntelliSense often doesn't work. Hitting Ctrl+Space does nothing.

  • Using Smart completion (CtrlShiftSpace) is even worse; instead of suggesting a type, the editor scrolls to the top line, then tells me the file has been modified outside of Visual Studio, and I should reload. When I do, I have a bunch of extra braces at the end of my file (see screenshot attached).

  • Using statements are no longer automatically imported

  • The "errors gutter" (or whatever the right-hand thingy is called) always tells me I have an error in the file, even though there isn't any

Support for WebHandlers has been a problem for the last 5 or so builds, but the worst of these problems emerged in build #232. Strangely though, the problems seem to depend on the class - some work OK, some have a few issues, and some are so bad that its easier to work in notepad :(

Source code gladly provided if required (please e-mail me and let me know who to send it to - gerrod.thomas gmail.com).

Cheers -

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It looks like we fixed a number of problems with http handlers in 233.
Thank You for Your feedback, hope, we'll publish the more stable version

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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