ASP.Net Issue with Intellisense and Highlighting.

In my Web Project we have implemented our own Web Controls. (eg. A custom TextBox that inherits Microsofts TextBox). They exist in a separate assembly.

When I use ReSharper Intellisense I get nothing, but with VS 2005 I get all the properties and methods. Either way Resharper flags it as an error.

Whats weird about the problem is that it doesnt do this on all pages.

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Could You create a sample solution to illustrate the problem? Without it we
can only guess, what is the problem You experience.

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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I can create the problem anytime I used a separate Assembly that contains custom web controls that are used in a web site project.

I solved the problem by converting my web site to a new Web Application Project. I believe part of the problem is because with a web site project. The Partial Classes that contains all the feild variables that represent controls on the page are in temporary files that are not part of the project.

With the new Web Application Project these files are now actually part of the page. An aspx page now has a .cs and a designer.cs file that represents the full implementation of the classes. I also notices a change in performance of Resharper when switching to Web Application Projects.


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