[239] Editor gradual slowdown

After using R# build 239 in Visual Studio 2005 I've found that "latency"
of the editor is getting worse as time progresses. Eventually I can't see
inidividual letters I'm typing but the display is updated only after couple
of keystrokes (sometimes even whole words). If I close and reopen Visual
Studio at that point, latency returns to reasonable levels.

Is this a known issue? Do you have plans to address R# performance problems
before releasing the final version?

I have personally been using R# ever since its first release but acceptance
in my company is very low because of perceived slowness of R#. Build 165
for Visual Studio 2003 was very good in this aspect and unfortunately my
personal impression is that build 239 is a step backwards speedwise.


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I suffer from the same i use vs 2003 and experienced it also in the latest release i tested 244 is sometimes need to wait more than half a minute after typing only 4 chars. this usually occurs when there is an error in the class

Marc Gerriten


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