Delete Key Not Deleting on the Same Line As Cursor in Build 3.1.571.4

I Upgraded from 3.0.553 to 3.1.571.4 VS 8.0 Full Edition Yesterday.

In Some c# files, the Delete Key is misbehaving. The cursor will be on say, line 1520, and when you hit del key on the keyboard, text from anywhere between line 1510 and 1519 is deleted.

It seems to only occur if the cursor's in the whitespace between method declarations. When I'm inside a method its fine.

Since this doesnt' crash the IDE & bring up the bug submission dialog, I'm not sure where to post this.

Also, after this happens, ctrl-z does some interesting stuff with the scroll bars.

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Disregard. This doesn't seem to be happening in build 572. At least on initial inspection.


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