Space keystrokes being eaten by R#

Anyone else seeing this with 733?

Typing the follwoing:

MyClassName x = new]]>

When I get to the end of the 'new', there's a popup showing with 'new' and something else in it like NewStyleURI parser. When I hit the space, the popup dismisses, but the SPACE is not inserted YET.

If I wait a second or two the space gets inserted, and MyClassName is offered as a suggestion. (I don't care about this delay, that's a side-issue)

BUT if I don't wait for that delay, and just carry on typing MyClassName myself, the space goes missing. To see this requires typing fast on a machine which is slow at displaying the suggestion list (not sure why that's slow today, but that's a different problem)

Not sure if this is a recent thing, but I've only noticed it today

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