[745] MS Test Accessors

VS08 creates dynamic accessors for private members instead of creating static code that must be updated when the target class is updated. Unfortunately, R# doesn't know about this and thinks the classes referenced via this method (named "]]>_Accessor") don't exist. This, of course, gives me errors because R# cannot resolve the class name.

Aside from the fact that R# gives me false negatives, I now lose all IntelliSense for these classes/methods. So, not only are you giving me distracting false negatives, but you're decreasing my team's productivity when using MS Test. And NUnit is not an option, so don't even go there.

The fact that R# doesn't support MS Test was really annoying in VS05, but now it's absolutely a must. Not handling this is ridiculous. I love what R# does for me, but false negatives are very distracting; especially, when you're trying to use the new solution-wide analysis, which also points out these false negatives. With this, any benefit from solution-wide analysis is severely degraded.

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Looks like this has been reported. If you use MS Test in VS08, please vote for this. False negatives are very annoying.



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