Delay getting order licence.

I ordered RS4 last night and filled in the online card payment. About 12 hours later, I've still not seen an email giving me my new RS4 licence. Most other software I've bought elsewhere in the past has usually been approved and an email sent within a couple of minutes giving me my licence information. Maybe there's a problem with the JB backend system? I don't mind waiting a while longer as I have the 30-day evaluation licence but I'd like to investigate my purchase delay while it's still a hot item. Could someone at JB let me know who I can contact to look into it for me? Thanks.

Natalie Jaremyc
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Hello Peter,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Our sales office is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Orders are processed within the business hours/working days from 9 am to 6 pm (GMT+1), therefore your order confirmation was quoting the estimated delivery time of 2 business days. Our records show that the license details were emailed to you this morning, and I hope you have safely received them on your side. If you have any additional question regarding your order, please contact our sales directly at

Hope this will help:)

JetBrains- Sales Operations EMEA

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Thanks, Natalie. I shall check for the email when I get home this evening.

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Natalie, the email came through and I'm now RS4 licenced. :)


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