Is there a way to disable Resharper in html source viewes plz..

Can I disable Resharper in HTM source views in Visual Studio 2008?

I have a page with many grids, form views, and views and resharper throws an exception every time I type a key.

I'm dieing here and I've submitted countless reports about it. I love Resharper and can't live without it, but until its fixed can I disable resharper in my HTML?

It's this bad. I type a letter in the HTML Source. I wait 30-45 seconds ( sometimes more ) then I get an execption of ( Out of memory, file generating, etc.. ) and I click do not show exception again and I finall am able to type 1 letter and the viscious cycle starts all over with the same exceptions popping up.

I beg of you if any one knows how to disable it? It took 30 minutes to add a DIV on my page.with propert formatting. I have to type super fast and I can get a string of chars in. But i'm kinda typing blind to beat the exception.


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