Resharper 4.1 messes Visual Studio live template Intellisense.

With Resharper 4.1 if I use Visual Studio's Intellisense and thus Visual Studio's live templates, when I type for example "if" and click TAB, it fires the live template


While still in live template (red outline in position CURSOR), I type any expression and then type dot (".") expecting a suggestion, but the suggestion does not come up. If I involve the suggestion box explicitly by a keyboard shortcut, it shows me all the members with no regards to the typed expression. The only way to get the correct suggestion is to press Escape to get off the live template and then type that dot to get the suggestion box.

This is not the case with Resharper 4.0 and I had to uninstall 4.1 to get back to 4.0.
Please advice when this will be corrected.

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