VS 2k5 hangs up (Resharper + TFS)

Very often VS 2k5 hangs up when resharper switched on and solution under source control (TFS).
It hangs when trying to build solution. Sometimes VS shutdown with exception.
Without resharper build works fine. Without TFS connected it's fine too. :)

Workaround: switch off resharper startup loading, once build solution without resharper, switch on resharper and enjoy for some time :)

It's very annoying. Does exists another solution for this issue?


How about any information for this problem?
Really anyone hasn't such problem?


I have seen this, although mostly when building prior to running a VSTS based unit test. CPU use goes through the roof, no dsk activity, hang for up to 5 minutes, then the build and test run. Any others?


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