Partial underlining - any idea what's going on?


Take a look at the attached screenshot from my 2008 SP1 IDE. You'll see some partial underlining of the string and DataRow data types. Does anyone know what this is meant to signify? There is no bulb to give you a clue so maybe it's a graphic problem with the display. Otherwise there is no problem but I'm curious to know if I can do something to eliminate it.

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This "partial underlining" indicates there is something ReSharper suggests
to do. In the case it suggests using var keyword instead of a type name
(string in the case). When you place caret over the underlined text You'll
see ReSharper's yellow lightbulb then You'll be able to click on it or hit
alt-enter to apply suggestion available or configure it.
Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Unless I'm completely misunderstanding your question, those are 'hints' - they're things which are less than a warning.

If you do alt-enter on them, you'll A. see what the suggestions are and B. get the option to disable them or promote them to be full warnings.

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Thanks. That explains it. Previously, I never got a bulb when I clicked on the declaration which made me think it was a display problem. I've now installed the 1157 build and the bulb is now back and what it's really telling me to consider is to change the datatype to var. I've now disabled the option as a suggestion and the statement is now 'clean'. For some reason, the bulb decided to go walkabout but it's now back.


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