How to write text to the test sessions output window.

Hi there.

Is it possible, whilst running a unit test, to ouput text to the Resharper test sessions output pane (Alt-P)?

I have a MSTest unit test which has a Console.WriteLine call, and after the unit test has finished running, I see that the text does not appear in the output window. If I run the same unit test using the MSTest runner, the output appears in the ouput pane of the test results tab. I also tried using Debug.WriteLine to see if that would work, but it didn't.

If I have an assert that fails, then the text I put in the failed message parameter (and all the details of the failure - stack trace, etc) does appear in the output pane.

This isn't a major problem for me, but sometimes it's handy to be able to dump some text in the output pane.


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