Move to resource - Suggestion (v. 5)


I would like to suggest a slight modification to the Move to resource dialog.

1. The comment field should have more than one line since we usually also have comments to the string.Format placeholders.

String: "The Table {0} cannot be modified by the user {1}"
{0}: the system table name
{1}: the user name
Messagebox for user with missing privileges.

For the given example it might be clear what the placeholder will contain. For more complex sentence it might not be possible for Localisation teams to know what this is for.

2. I asume I'm asking to match if R# would already create the entries for {0} and {1} so I could just fill in the comments for this placeholders.

3. I would also love to have a action which removes a resource from the resources and replaces the usage with the original string
     This way I don't have to open the resources to change either the Resource Name or the the Resource Text afterwards

BTW: I have a own Custom Tool to create the designer file for Resources. This Custom tool also declares the Resource.Property with [JetBrains.Annotations.NotNull]. It seems the R# still shows the action to verify whether the Resource.Property is null.


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When I compare the feature of Find Usage where I directly can see the line:
Find Usage.jpg
With Inspect Code where I can only see the issue:

Then I prefere the layout of Find usage. The entry "string is localizable" doesn't help much in this view. The "Show Preview" button takes forever when I switch from node to node.

At least Group by: Issue Type should show the lines and not always the same text. Do you agree?


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