Weird behaviour after dot while expanding live template [1567]

Does anyone noticed this behaviour ? I have reported it a while ago and this makes resharper barely usable ?

When I type: if [Tab - to expand], R# expands the snippet (which is ok) to

if(b [position 1])
{     [position 2] }
and the cursor is in position 1. Now if you try typing "string.IsNullOrEmpty" after you press "." (dot) the cursor jumps to position 2.

In R# 4.5 and earlier 5.0 builds I was able to write "string.IsNullOrEmpty(mystring)[TAB or Enter] and then cursor jumped to postion 2 (which was desired functionality).

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Hello ? Jetbrains Team ?

Can you please confirm that this is a problem and if / when will be fixed ? (I hope it will)

The cursor should really change to position 2 when Enter is pressed in the editor, not on autocomplete list.


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