'Navigate To' not synced with cursor position in large .cs files.

We have at least one large generated .cs file that the cursor position doesn't correlate with the context menu when you request 'navigate to' [Alt+¬]

To work around it I have to figure out how many lines out the cursor needs to be, and often pad with spaces until it's in the correct position and then hit Alt+` to get the correct menu.

admittedly the file has nearly 21K lines!!

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

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I've got to the bottom of this issue, the generated file contains Serialiazation Key indexs that are generated from ascii characters, characters 11 & 12 (Vertical Tab & New Page) don't play nicely with resharper.


Edit: I've attached a simple console sample, if you're interested open this in VS and try and use Alt+¬ on the empty Test class, to find usages for instance.


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