[1613] Syntax highlighting issues

I just installed build 1613 on VS 2010 RC Premium. I notice that syntax highlighting do not work correct. R# do not always show my custom colors (e.g "Resharper Type identifier" color is displayed at the constructor definition but not at the class definition), specially the Bold attribute don't work.

Also the feature "Highlight current line" do not work.

I have attached my color scheme as extract from the registry.

[Addendum] Further investigation shows that the problem seems to occur when i change the Text-Edtior font. After changing the font, the standard syntax highlighting is activated regardless of the R# settings. I have to close and reopen VS to reactivate the R# syntax highlighting.

Another thing i notice is, that the Current Line Highlighting overrides the selection color (see attached screenshot).

To Enable / disable Current Line Highlighting i have to close and reopen my Visual Studio instance.


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Today i installed build 1614. I worked the whole morning with more or less problems on my solution (R# throws a lot of exceptions at the moment). When i came back from lunch, the R# syntax highlighting was disabled. I had to restart VS to get it back. I did nothing but locking my notebook. My notbook didn't went in hibernate mode.



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