DevExpress crashing Visual Studio with Resharper 4.5/5.0

Resharper has become completely unusable for me due to a fatal crash caused whenever any ReSharper dialog with this DevExpress control is shown.

I've tried uninstalling and going back to 4.5 with no luck.  This is a new Windows 7/VS 2008 SP1 dev box, so I'm not sure what has changed in my environment.

I installed the Windows Phone SDK is that matters.

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 5.06.59 PM.png

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No problems here in our app (more than million lines of code, complete GUI in WinForms/DevExpress), tested R# build from 30.3. on Visual Studio 2008 SP1, Win7 x86, using latest DevExpress v9.3.4

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It must be something in my environment, as it crashes before opening any solution.   This is a Parallels VM image.  My XP images is fine, so it's specific to this Windows 7 image.

Edit:  It's Windows 7 x64

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I've been using the exact same Windows 7 Ultimate 64 with R# 5.0 and
?DevExpress 9.3.4 with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

I have never detected any interference between R# and DevExpress.

Eduardo Quintana

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