Regexp in Todo explorer is killing me...

I am not sure if my regexp-skills are completely gone, or if I try something which is impossible.

I am using Attributes to mark Todos (has its reasons), so you might find something like this in my code:

      [Todo("Check for type search why it cant be used normally")]
        public override DetachedCriteria AddToQuery(DetachedCriteria criteria)
            throw new Exception("Type Crit need special handling");

Is there any way to find the full line 1?
I am able to get the Todo only, but I had no luck in matching the text inside the brackets (which is kind of important)...

I tried approx 100 different regexp in the last half our, and now I give up.
Can anyone help?


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Thank you for asking.
I have the very same trouble with todo explorer.

I need to know where are parts of my debug code, i need to see whole line of debug tag.

When debug is commented, todo explorer shows me the whole line. (and that is help full)
But when debug is in active code, todo explorer shows me just "debug" without any other context. (and that is annoying)

My English is not very good, so according to the rule 32 of internet, i have pictures to prove my statement.

The good one

The annoying one


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