Fonts and Colors resharper entries missing [] [build:1546]

Hi there,

I noticed with the latest builds that the fonts and colors entries for resharper are missing I can't change the highlight row background color or anything like that

Regards DotnetShadow


I've had a similar issue with previous ReSharper versions. The font and colors section in Visual Studio settings disappears. Usually after installing a RS plugin or sometimes another VS plugin.

The workaround I use is I back up my visual studio fonts and colors settings and then just import them whenever they are lost.

If you don't have a backup you can reinstall RS and manually set the settings back and then back up.


     Please try clearing the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\FontAndColors\Cache registry key. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

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This happened to me any my collegue sitting near by me.
After upgrade from 4 to 5 version.

Solution with registry doesnt work for both of us...


Myself and 3 collegues are having the same issue too .. no Resharper colour options. (Nightly Build 1549)

Registry key removal did not fix the issue.


Registry key removal doesn't work even with latest build 1549, also even when I take off the option for highlight current line in resharper the line still stays highlighted

EDIT: I fixed my problem by reinstalling Resharper 4.5.2 then resinstalling Resharper 5.0


DId same but not helped.
After 4.5 version installation colors were listed properly.
After reinstallation to 5 they disappeared...


Same issue in 1562 (colors not setting/missing).

Have cleared registry key.

Have imported prior version visual studio saved settings.
Can't get Current Line highlighting to restore.

The "resharper xxx" font and color settings do not show up in the "Fonts and Colors" options tab.


Found a workaround to get the colours back:

Re-install the R# version you've currently got installed, and choose Repair.

For me this worked for a while, and then threw an error, stopping the install. When I went into VS2008 I had my colours in the settings again (so I could change them).

Your mileage may certainly vary.


I have always been affected by this issue, even in previous version (4.5, 4.1). I was never able to find a fix/resolution.

I'm now using the 5.0 beta:

JetBrains ReSharper 5 Full Edition Pre-Release
Build 5.0.1603.35 on 2010-01-27T00:17:58

Visual Studio 9.0.

And the issue still exists. Hopefully we can get this resolved before the final release!

Here is some additional information:

* Both VS 2008 SP1 and VS 2010 Beta 2 are affected

* The correct entries do not show up in "Show Settings For: Text Editor". The entries _do_ show up in "Show Settings For: Printer", however. Unfortunately, changing the settings there has no effect (though the changes are persisted).

If there is any additional information I can provide please let me know!


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Also find the same issue in 7.1.1000.9



Please do the following:
1. Remove ReSharper installation from the PC
2. Run 'Repair' on VS installation
3. Install the latest version from here:

Please let me know if it helps.


I am having the same issue with Resharper and Visual Studio Professional 2013 RTM. I am trying the uninstall-repair-reinstall option you suggested. The result was no change. No Resharper options show up in the Fonts and Colors list.


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