False error with DynamicResource & Attached Properties (6.0)

With the latest nightly of R# 6.0 (actually, all the nightlies), I'm seeing false errors in the XAML editor.  I'm using VS 2010 targetting .NET 3.5, but I don't know if it also affects .net 4 targets.

The issue is with DynamicResources being set to attached properties.  I have a static class without any base (plain old object) that defines an attached dependency property.  Then, on a dependency object, I set the value of the attached property to a {DynamicResource...  It works just fine but R# flags it as an error.  R# 5.1.2 does not.



Could you provide some details on what's highlighted wrong? If you manage to create a simple solution it would be terrific.


I've attached a repro of the bug.  Look at the use of the attached property in the Grid element of MainWindow.xaml.

      r:MyAttachedProperty.FooBar="{DynamicResource foo}"

DynamicResource is flagged as an error saying that DynamicResourceExtension can only be used on dependency properties of dependency objects.  The attached property is a dependency property being applied to a dependency object and is legal.


Thanks a lot for the sample. Fixed.
Won't backport to 5.1.x though :(


Thanks.  I actually don't recall seeing it in 5.1.x, though I've used all of those nightlies except for the last one (RC)...


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