No new Resharper 6 EAP Build?

Why don't we see new EAP Builds?


The build is failing the automated tests, which means it doesn't get posted to the eap site.

Given that the most recent was marked 'broken', and even the ones not marked 'broken' are pretty shaky, this isn't very suprising.

Think about it - if the test suite was perfect, there would never be any bugs in any posted builds - only perfect code would be posted.    Gaps in the nightlys just mean that things are being caught before we have to see them.

TBH, I think the EAP started a bit early - so if at the end of this gap there's some visible net benefit to anybody other than Javascript programmers, that would be great.


Thanks Will. Ok, I see we got a new build with a lot of Show-Stopper and critical fixes. I test this version later.


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