How to surpress warnings from R# code analysis?

i have the following for loop in my code

For n As Integer = 0 To mCommodity.GetMaxPos() - 1
  mCommodities.Add(New Commodity(mCommodity.miComNr, mCommodity.msName, False))
Next n

As you can see the loop variable n is not used inside the loop. R# correctly warns "value is not assigned in any execution path". As this code is correct and i can't implement IEnumerable for the Commodity to use For Each i want to surpress the warning for such occurences. In R# 5.x i had an action to surpress the occurence of a warning by an attribute. How can i do this in R# 6?



I thought so. If you can confirm it's a bug please let me know the YouTrack-Issue that i can track it.



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