NUnit unit test runner is broken for tests using TestCaseAttribute.

The NUnit test runner is quite broken for unit tests using the [TestCase] parameter.

I filed multiple bugs on this (RSRP-221259, RSRP-234374) a couple weeks ago but they have so far recieved no attention (languishing in "Submitted").


Thanks for reporting these bugs! Both issues are fixed. Changes will be included in the next nightly build.


Thanks for fixing them.


Those two issues do seem to be fixed--thanks.

I have however found several more issues which still make the unit test runner unusable in the EAP for my purposes because we have a significat number of tests affected by them (I still have to use NUnit's runner while running the EAP):

(as well as RSRP-183263 previously reopened)


Both issues fixed, thanks again for your report.
Please try next nightly build.


Will do. Thanks for the update.


First of all, I like the dialog box alerting you if the build fails that tests wont be run. Much better than the old behavior of running the tests anyway against the old sources.

On the whole, though, the test runner is still unusable.

RSRP-221259 has regressed (is now an issue again).

RSRP-249270, RSRP-249281 filed as new issues.

RSRP-242033 is fixed as it was filed, but in testing it I found yet another issue which may or may not be specifically related,

I think I'm going back to Resharper 5 for now, as there are just too many significant bugs in the test runner at the moment.

When it's in better shape I hope to give it another go.

Version info:

JetBrains ReSharper 6.0 EAP Full Edition Pre-Release
Build 6.0.2123.153 on 2011-04-06T10:15:26

Free evaluation 23 days left
Plugins: none.
Visual Studio 10.0.40219.1.

Copyright © 2003–2011 JetBrains s.r.o.. All rights reserved.


I updated to the latest build long enough to verify that the issues I've filed are fixed, and it's a lot more usable than it was. I didn't find any new issues with a brief run through of all our tests, just the previously reported regression of RSRP-221259. I opened RSRP-254803 to report this regression since the former was not reopened after my previous report of this regression.


I went ahead and tried the latest build and there are still several issues with the NUnit test runner preventing our tests from being run as well as a couple usability improvements I would like to request. Below are the ones I've found so far:

RSRP-264452 NUnit test using TestCaseAttribute and paramater of type Type is ignored and does not run.
RSRP-264454 When running a test using the test runner if the test is not run due to a bug in resharper it fails silently.
RSRP-264455 NUnit test runner ignores tests taking a decimal parameter
RSRP-264456 When a single test is run it should be selected/displayed in the unit test session
RSRP-264457 NUnit test runner does not display names of individual tests in Unit Test Explorer or Session window until after tests have been run.
RSRP-264458 NUnit test runner does not allow you to run individual tests when using TestCaseSourceAttribute.


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