Visual Studio Crashes with Out of Memory Exceptions

I tried Resharper 6.0 EAP (newest version) and enabled the solution wide analysis the result was that the Memory usage balloned to over 2.5 GB and then it crashed
the same solution needed in Resharper 5.1.3 only around 600 - 700 MB Sometimes more somtimes less.
I have made a dottrace Performance run it it is arround 1.3 GB should I upload it to What I saw is that the GetHashCode function from Bitvector array takes very long to execute. The File in question where the memory usage grew has only 2000-3000 lines.So there is maybe although a Memory Leak problem. After the problematic file the Memory usage went down to 200-300 mb.


Which Windows do you use? Use a 64Bit Vista/7 so that VS can use 4GB. If you use 32Bit Vista/7 use bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 3072 so that the usermode programs can use 3GB.


Thanks for your suggestion. I currently use 64bit Windows 7 with 4GB Ram. Maybe I should install more Ram to reach the maximal limit of 4 GB.


Thomas, thanks a lot for the snapshot. Please, upload it to our ftp and
give it a name. Thanks in advance!

Kirill Falk
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


I'm uploading it with the following name.


It is line by line profiling, and I stopped gathering it when the memory usage reached 2 GB so that the performance profiling didn't crash.

Sincerly Thomas


I although upload now an Memory Snapshot with nmpcore. It is at the start of the balloning because if I wait to long the snapshot cannot be made and visual studio crashes.


I hope it still helps.


With the newest Resharper Version 6.0.2168  this is now fixed.

Thank you very much for the good work in Resharper.

Sincerly Thomas Stocker


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