Find Usages not working for files referenced as links in other projects

Hi, I got this problem: I got project A, there is class/file AA with public property P, this class is not used anywhere in project A, I got another project B and there I've added the file AA from project A as a link. I use the class AA and the property P in project B. But then I click on the P property and use Find Usages, nothing is found. I guess the Find Usages function is broken when file is added as link into other projects. This shoul be fixed imho.
Edit: tested on R# 6.1 RTM and VS 2010 SP1

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Hello Martin
     Thank you for reporting this problem! I've logged it under and you're welcome to monitor its status. As a workaround, you can use the P property somewhere in project B and invoke Find Usages on that usage instead of invoking Find Usages on the declaration of P in AA.

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