Can you have an option in the R# menu to dump all the project/solution settings to a file?

I keep seeing that many of my problems with R# occur because of some project/solution setting that I use. I didn't think R# cared what my project/solution settings are doing. Since I think it does care as I am seeing on JIRA issues that I submit maybe it would be very good if there was some tool embedded in R# that could dump all my project/solution settings to a file so I can submit that with with my problem description to JIRA? Oftentimes I can't submit my solution or project file due to copyright/privacy but I don't really see any harm submitting the dump of my project/solution settings if that helps to reproduce the problem on your end... What do you think?

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R#6.1 contains the manage options menu item where you have the ability to export your settings to a file.


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