Default ordering of items in context menu on Alt-Enter

Can you please put the order of the items in the context menu on Alt-Enter back to the way they were in all versions prior to Build 46 (or maybe 45)? The order hasn't changed since I started using R# 5, I can't possibly imagine why you would have changed it.resharper.png
The actions (pyramids) were always at the top with suppressions and options further down. Most importantly the Rename to '_test' would have been the first option and Remove unused field the second option.

I'm so used to typing Alt-Enter, Enter that I don't even read the menu - needless to say this means that I'm now opening up dialog boxes and goodsness knows what else as punishment for not reading the menu :)


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Yes, this please.   A thousand times seconded.

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Hi, Jeremy.
It's known problem and should be fixed in the latest R# 7.0 EAP build.

Kirill Falk
.NET Team QA Lead
JetBrains, Inc


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