Qunit able to test or include html files?

First, having resharper be able to run qunit as the test framework is fantastic.  JS tests are only good if we can constantly run them, and I see Resharper's way as a good solution - assuming we can run the solution's tests and it runs qunits tests too.  I haven't tested that yet.

Second, (and the main point really) is there a way to include a supporting html file per test?  A lot of our tests are testing whether some of our JS helper classes are using jquery selectors correctly and testing whether they are manipulating the data correctly.  This works fine in a "normal" QUnit html page because we are able to put the html we are expecting within the page, and then test the JS classes accordingly.  I can't find a way to include my html when testing in Resharper's unit tests, either within QUnit in the browser or PhantomJS.

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Hi Jon,

it's not supported at the moment. Here is related issue in our tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-274956
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