RIA Services Generated Code Support?

Hello Great Authors of the Greatest Refactoring Tool on EARTH!

I'm currently developing a solution with RIA Services:

When the solution gets built, a considerable amount of code is generated and
placed in my Silverlight 3 project.

Unfortunately this code is placed in a folder (Generated_Code) that is not
part of the solution structure. The project builds, but all of the classes
in the generated code is NOT available to Resharper. This is getting
REALLLLLLLLLLLY annoying. I'm curious if you guys know about this and are
prepping any sort of support for it ASAP... for my sanity. :)

Thank you,

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Current workaround is to include folder with generated files to the project manually. We will definitely address the issue the by 5.0 release.

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Just wanted to report a problem and the workaround when using the
.NET RIA Services using Silverlight 3.


I am following the "Walkthrough - July preview.doc"
And downloaded the HRAppCS files.  The solution file compiles and executes fine.
I am having a problem on the step that interacts with the generated DomainContext proxy class:
I can not get the OrganizationContext that is generated based on the "OrganizationService" Domain Service Class (filename OrganizationService.cs.
In the client project HRApp, filename EmployeeList.cs, Intellisense does not recognize:
1) Using HRApp.Web;
2) OrganizationContext _OrganizationContext = new OrganizationContext();
Here is the code snippet:
using System.Windows.Navigation;
using HRApp.Web;
using System.Windows.Ria.Data;
using System.Windows.Ria.ApplicationServices;
namespace HRApp
    public partial class EmployeeList : Page
        OrganizationContext _OrganizationContext = new OrganizationContext();
        public EmployeeList()
            this.dataGrid1.ItemsSource = _OrganizationContext.Employees;
Note: The auto-generated file: HRApp.Web.g.cs has been created and does contain the
public sealed partial clas OrganizationContext : DomainContext
My configuration is:
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
Visual Studio 2008 SP1
Silverlight 3 Tools
RIA Services (July 2009 Preview)


Do you have Resharper installed? Resharper has a bug that keeps it from working with RIA Services. You can work around the bug by including the generated file in your project, just be careful not to get it in source control.


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This is a known issue, that will be definitely addressed in ReSharper 5.0. Current workaround is to manually include folder with generated files into the project. You may do that from solution explorer: enable "show hidden files" to locate the folder and the right-button click on it to include.

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Yup.. I agree with Sergey...

Rich Internet Applications Developer

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Just a heads up. I'm currently testdriving ReSharper 7.0 Beta, and I am having trouble navigating to RIA service types. Visual Studio gives me intellisense for the type, but when I try to navigate to Declaration or Implementation, ReSharper tells me it can't find it.

Is this a known bug or regression?


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This is really good news because code support is very important. Thanks for the information.

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Have the same problem with 2017.1 and the RIA client project on some machines.  When it happens I go to the client project settings->Silverlight and in the WCF RIA Services Link  combo where I remove the link then readd it.  Seems to fix things.


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