R# Locate in Solution Explorer not working (Visual Studio 2010)

I installed the nightly build and the Locate in Solution Explorer (<shift> + <alt> + <L>) no longer works. I checked the shortcut in Visual Studio Options and it still is correct. Actually it moves the focus to the Solution Explorer but the open file is not being located.

Visual Studio 2008: works
Visual Studio 2010: does not work
Visual Studio 2012. works


I was able to reproduce this and it seems to be related to using the FIND ALL functionality in Visual Studio 2010. When you find for a string, the files with a match are shown in the "Find Results" window. When you open a file by double-clicking it in the FIND RESULTS window that is when you cannot use locate.

What does work is when the file was opened the "normal way" or by using <Ctrl><T> or <Ctrl><Shift><T>, then <Shift><Alt><L> works fine.

By the way I could only reproduce this in Visual Studio 2010.

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Hello Gabriel,

Thanks for the report.
However, I wasn't able to reproduce this, neither in VS2010, nor VS2012. Could you please record a video screencast of what's happening in your case? Maybe I'm doing something wrong here.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for my late reply but for some reason I did not get an email notification for this thread.

I just installed the nightly build and I still have this issue (Visual Studio 2010 only!)

It can be easily reproduced:

Step 1: Perform a find and filter on a specific directory of the project
Step 2: In the "Find Results" window I get a couple of hits
Step 3: I double-click the first file in the Find Results window so that the file gets opened in the Editor
Step 4: With the editor focused I hit <Shift><Alt><L> to locate this file in the Solution Explorer
Step 5: The focused is moved by R# to the Solution Explorer window but the file is NOT located.

I only have this problem with Visual Studio 2010, not Visual Studio 2008 nor Visual Studio 2012.


Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the steps, however this is still working fine for me, both in VS2010 and VS2012.

Could you please:
1. Check if action "ReSharper | Tools | Locate in Solution Explorer" (not a keyboard shortcut) is working for you?
2. Check if it happens only for specific files/projects? (e.g., it's broken for *.cs files, but works fine for *.js files)
3. Check if it's a solution-specific issue or not? (e.g. create new class library application and check it in there)
4. Still, I'd like to see a video of this issue happening (as i've asked previously). Sometimes video can show some things (like, cursor location, etc.), which are hard to describe in 'repro steps', but may be critical in terms of bug reproduce.

Thanks in advance!


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