R# EAP code analysis broken!!!

i'm working priary on VB solutions with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Since EAP build 8.1.2  R# throws permanently exceptions with the text "myLanguage != null" while analyzing code. The resuilt is, that most of the functions and variables defined in a class are marked as "not used" and "Find Usages" don't work.

I had sent a lot of these issues via the execption browser, but they didn't get the attention of the Jetbrains team until now. I had just reported the following exceptions:


I have removed almost all Add-Ins (just leaved TFS Power Tools, Nuget Packagemanger and a Resx-Exditor Extension active because i essentially need them). Clearing R# cache won't help too.

Could anyone of the developers take a look at that? I'm willing to help in investigating the cause of the error.


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