Nunit Test Runner shows "Inconclusive: Test not run"

using NUnit.Framework;

namespace MyProject.Tests
    public class TestValidation
        public void ValidationTestGood()
            string basepath = "C:\\APAATJCD";
            DatasetValidator validator = new DatasetValidator(basepath);
            Assert.AreEqual(ValidationStatus.VALID, validator.Status);

Right clicking the method definition and running the test(s) gives the above result in the Resharper test runner. I have tried clearing Resharper Cache, reinstalling resharper, redownloading nunit package... What can I do to allow the test to run again?

.net: 4.5
Nunit: 3.0.1
Resharper: 10.0.1 Ultimate


Please some one reply to this.


Hello Ckasetty!


What R# version you are using? Do you experience the specified problem with the latest R# version -

Thank you.


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