ReSharper 2.0 for VS .NET 2005 (EAP)

Just for clarity's sake, the EAP for ReSharper 2.0 for VS .NET 2005 will
start in approximately 2 months (sometime in May) ... And as I've previously
wrote, current ReSharper customers will ugrade to this version, too, for


David Stennett
JetBrains, Inc.

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VS2005's biggest advance tho' IMO is the intellisense
for variable names in scope. Start typing a parameter
within a method body, and VS2k5 will guess what you
want. If it guessed wrong, keep typing. If it guessed
right, hit the next non variable character (parens,
semi-colon, space, etc) to accept.

So the method body of this:

void SaySomething( string messageThatYouTypedInYouSillyMonkey ) {

Is written with these keystrokes: Con.WriteL(me);

A whole lot nicer than the ctrl+space shortcut IMO.
And it's very fast too, with inline intellisense
drop-downs popping up instantaneously.

Doesn't Visual Studio 2003 (and Resharper, too) do this already?

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Doesn't Visual Studio 2003 (and Resharper, too) do
this already?

Not as far as I know? I mean the part where you type "me". In VS2k5 you get an intellisense popup that narrows as you keep typing. Hit an auto-complete character and it's done. With Resharper you have to hit ctrl+space as far as I know to get the same sort of thing. Extra keystrokes in Resharper then. Exactly why I prefer Resharper over VS2k5 for code-gen templates, except in the case of auto-complete, VS2k5 has the edge.


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