Resharper 2.0 / Visual Studio 2005 / Alt+Enter ?

I have just installed the full version of Visual Studio 2005 and ReSharper 2.0. ReSharper looks great but I notice that Alt+Enter no longer works to activate the light-bulb. It appears that VS 2005 reserves this key combo for bringing up the properties window. Is there any way to get the VS + Resharper combo to act loosely as it did with ReSharper 1.1 / VS 2003, where Alt+Enter is for the lightbulb?

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Please, note, that this newsgroup is intended for questions about releases
ReSharper versions. Posts related to EAP are to be posted to
jetbrains.resharper.eap newsgroup.
Getting back to Your question - have You followed installation instructions
and imported ReSharper keyboard settings?

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
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