Problem with LiveTemplate !!


I have an interesting problem with LiveTemplate system.

Say I have the following private field declaration:
private ITaskFactory _taskFactory;

and I want to assign a new mockery object to it, I would use the following statement:
_taskFactory = mockery.CreateMock ; This seems quite strate forward, so I decided to create a liveTempate to do it for me using the following statement in the LiveTemplate editor. _$filed$ = mockery.CreateMock]]>;

where: $field$ uses the Execute basic completion macro
and $InterfaceType$ uses the Guess type expected at this point macro

Now to me this should work except it doesn't, all that happens is that I get a chance to pick the field name and the generics type remains blank.

I did some messing about and noticed that if I remove the method brackets from the statement, the guess type macro works and guesses the type required :(


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