ReSharper 2.5 Unit Test Runner "Debug Selected Test" Bug

In one of my solutions, I have a bunch of class library projects, including one that contains all my unit tests.

I also have one Database Server Project, which produces an assembly that I would deploy into a SQL 2005 server.

With ReSharper 2.0.2, when I de-select the option to build before running unit tests inside Unit Test Runner, I can run and debug my unit tests w/o Visual Studio 2005 building my project.

With 2.5, however, when I click on the Debug Selected Test button with the Build Projects before Run option de-selected, Unit Test Runner not only builds the project, it tries to deploy my Database Server Project, even though I have configured the project to not deploy via the Deploy tab in its project properties.

Furthermore, if I click No when deployment fails and Visual Studio asks me if I want to continue, the Unit Test Runner is left the execution state. I would have to click on the red Stop Execution button before I can do anything with it.

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Oh, and another thing, neither my unit test project nor its dependent projects have dependencies on the Database Server Project. So I think this is definitely a bug.


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