text editing is slow for specific types of text (comments, headers, etc)

I am currently experiencing this behavior: text editing is noticeably slower on specific lines in my code:

  • code comments (both // and /* */ types)

  • function headers (this may be the same as above)

  • function signatures

  • "using" statements

  • member declarations

It appears to be any line of code that is not wrapped in a method. I wonder what is special about that kind of text, as far as R# is concerned.

The delay happens when inserting and deleting text, or when undoing such operations. All of the changes get buffered, but it can take several seconds for them to show up on the screen. The IDE is unresponsive and I see a spike in CPU usage.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? It makes things borderline unusable. Are there any options that I can turn off (as a workaround)?

Best regards,

Resharper 2.5 build 340
Visual Studio 2005 Professional SP1

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Actually, the problem wasn't Resharper at all. It was Visual Studio 2005.

I turned off the Navigation Bar, and it sped things up.


This was supposed to be fixed in SP1, which I have installed, but I am still seeing poor performance. But turning off the Navigation Bar does help.



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