UnitRun: lost menu items?

Apologies if this isn't the right forum for this - I couldn't see one for UnitRun.

I'm sure when I first installed UnitRun, I had a context menu for the project of "Run unit tests". Somehow, I've lost it - I have to go to a class in the relevant assembly, run the unit tests for that class, stop it, then run all unit tests. Is there a better way?

Also, every time I start VS2005, the unit test runner window floats, and I have to dock it again. Is there any way of telling UnitRun to remember where I want the window?


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(Okay, slightly bizarre. Just after posting this, I closed VS2005 and reopened it again, and this time it remembered the unit test runner window position.)

Might it be relevant that I often have multiple VS2005 instances open at the same time?



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