Code Styles in VS2005 after a Reset Settings (in VS)

Rather odd. I've been using Resharper 2.5 in VS2005 for a while now and I had experimented with other Visual Studio settings and decided to reset the Visual Studio settings to a clean slate.

This reset appears to have switched over the code style formatting (after ";" / "}" ) from R# according to Visual Studio's formatting settings. I'm pretty sure R# took over the formatting after the characters from Visual Studio when I installed it way back, but I can't find any settings in the R# options apply the code style rules on a line completion. I don't remember whether VS formatting rules were enabled or updated to match what was in R# or disabled.
(R# Formatting does work from the R# menu, but the formatting on completion doesn't)

Does R# normally format code on completion in VS2005, or does VS2005 override R# always? I tried exporting/importing settings and changing R# formatting settings to see if I could get R# to start reformatting code. No luck.

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