Live template question/issue...

Hi gang!

I have a live template defined thusly:

public void $TypeName$$PropName$InitTest()
Assert.IsNotNull((new $TypeName$()).$PropName$, "$TypeName$.$PropName$
should not initialize to null.");

I obviously do not want to edit the first intance of the $TypeName$ and $PropName$
variables, since they are simply text macros. I have specified the Editable
Occurence for both of them as #2. However, when i run the template, the
cursor is by the first $TypeName$ location and the red box surrounds the
second occurence. However, if I hit "alt-space" to bring up a list of types,
the VisualStudio system menu is displayed. Also, the text within the redbox
is not selected.

Any idea on how to get it to work the way I'd like it to?



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