Text Editor (repaint?) slow (v3.1 build 3.1.584.3)

Hi to All,

I know that there are more than one thread about this topic (see for example VS IDE Extremly sluggish)

The community had got an explicite promise by JetBrains (at the beginning of december 2007) that this feature will be optimized by the end of year 2007 (see this forum) by a patch release.. Now 2007.02.10, and there is no solution. Pls. let me know is missed something.

Please understand this 1 sec delay between switching text editor windows makes developing a torture. Anyone who uses Resharper is a productivity fan, but this feature (bug) is a real productivity killer. It is just the opposite that Resharper's main goal, and shades all the goods what Resharper provides.

The forthcoming Resharper 4 EAP is not an option, because of nature of EAP. It is for testing not for producing.

For those lucky who does not know this bug here is a short description:

- Switching between VS text editor windows causes 1 sec delay.
- Even switch back to VS from an other app. also causes the same delay
- Turning Resharper option "code analysis" off does not_ solve the problem
- Unloading Resharper solves the problem: VS ide works like a charm.
- Both VS 2005 and 2008 versions introduce the bug.

thx for answers

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This bug is fixed in the current nightly builds of 3.11. I don't suppose you want to run those if you have a particular aversion to pre-release software, though. The particular nightly I'm running (which is not the latest) doesn't seem to have any noticable regressions from the 3.1 release.

I think you find there is a fundamental tension between an urgent requirement to get bugs fixed and a dislike of running 'imature' software.

If I were you, I would download a 3.1x nightly.

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Hi Will,

Thx for your fast answer. You are right. 3.11 what I was looking for, but unfortunately I could not find. I have no aversion to bugfix patches. What I was write about is a complete new EAP version (4.0)

Sorry for the lame question, but where can I find the download link to 3.11 nightly build?

thx for answer.

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Hi Will,

thx again.


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